How refreshing would it be to actually have fun at a benefit auction? By live item # 25, you've had just about enough and are more than ready to hit the road. Our fresh perspective will someday revolutionize the way benefit auctions are done. The people coming to the event are spending valuable time & money for a great cause... Why not give back with some fun interaction and entertainment. Our unique approach will do just that, from the moment guests step in the door, while they browse the silent auction tables, and partake in the various auction revenue centers.
We have found that the combination of music & emcee interaction during the beginning helps increase donations for the initial part of the event. Our "LESS is MORE" method during the live auction has also been very good at increasing revenue and shortening the grueling live auction routine. We keep things fun with a combination of music, sound bites, skits, and energy. And after all items have been auctioned off, why not thank your guests for their contributions with dancing, live music, karaoke, or other entertainment to allow them to relax & leave with a smile!

Some incredible results from our Auction strategies...
  • Mama Maria Auction raised $16,700 in 2006. In 2007 with the addition of Event Source NW, they raised $67,000.00!

  • The Tavon Center Auction raised $50,000 for 2005 & 2006 and seemed stagnant. With the addition of Event Source Northwest's ideas & energy, The Tavon Center raised over $90,000.00 in 2007! Some other great things that came from these are that the guests have already said they are coming back the next year and they are bringing friends because they had so much fun!
The bottom line is this, when it comes to Auctions our goals are simple...
1) Provide a fun, energized, and creative event to sustain and increase invitees year over year
2) Exceed expectations & Raise contributions from the previous year
3) Create refreshing revenue sources, Increase donation per item, lessen # of items, and add more interactive entertainment for a better Auction EXPERIENCE!
Our Auction Services and Investment are as follows:
  • MC for another auctioneer - Starts at $500. Includes interaction before silent Auction, Silent auction item motivation, Live Auction MC, and all the interaction in between & after.
  • AUCTIONEER Only - Starts at $1,000. Includes Pre-auction consulting everything an MC would provide plus Auctioneer for LIVE Auction.
  • AUCTION Sound - Starts at $500. Includes Sound (for up to about 500 people max - otherwise, outside sound will be required). Speakers, Wired & Wireless mics, and whatever is needed to amplify anyone who needs to speak.
  • AUCTION Entertainment - Investment depends on entertainment. DJ, Comedy, and other entertainment to FUNERGIZE your auction.
  • ESNW Total Auction Package Starts at $2,500. Includes MC, Auctioneer, Sound, DJ, Entertainment, TOTAL Engagement & interaction for the complete auction experience.

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