Twisted Casino™ is a game of "Total Interaction"! We took the idea of a "mock casino" with games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and other traditional casino games, and created our own fun creations. Twisted Casino™ is still very similar to a regular casino when it comes to the tables, dealers, wagering with chips. There are bonus bets, odds, and regular bets. Our games were created NOT to be too serious and in favor for big payouts to you!
The betting varies from game to game depending on the precise betting rules to the "Twisted" game. Here are a few of the games we have created so far:

♠ TWISTED Trivia:
  • Pop Culture - Can customize categories for your company or event!
  • Smarter than a 5th grader - Can customize categories for your company or event!
  • High Roller - These are for the EXTREMELY smart bunch!
  • Name That Tune - Name the original song or artist before your opponents do!
All the above games include whiteboards & Fast Finger buzzers... VERY exciting!

  • Double Down Dice - Imagine Yahtzee played like poker and bet like black jack.
♥ TWISTED Roulette:
  • Trulette - Roulette Style Trivia game where every question is numbers based. Guess AND/OR bet on the closest or correct answer and you win odds!
♣ TWISTED Cards:
  • Wack Jack - Our Black Jack style game, with some twists!
  • Bloker - A mix of Black Jack & Poker. Play Black Jack and if you bust, NO WORRIES! Your Poker hand begins. Take your bust card and start a Poker hand. Four more cards are dealt to you and you play the odds.
  • Texas Hold 'em - We don't mess with this AWESOME game!
All the games come with a fun, friendly, & energetic host/dealer to make your night memorable & interactive. About 8 people can fit per table at 1 time so you want to make sure you have enough game tables for your event. There will be "How To Play" videos coming soon, so your group can learn to play before they arrive at the party.

Twisted Casino™ is a great addition to any Corporate event, Birthday party, Private party, Benefit event, Golf tournament, Conference, you name it!

Event Source NW can also provide sound equipment, DJ music, Emcee, other entertainment services to spice up the whole event.

Basic pricing for Twisted Casino™ is about $100/ Hour per table & host. 2.5 Hour event would cost $250.00/ Table. The normal time for a casino party ranges from 2-4 hours.

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Twisted Casino™
Looking to spice up your Company party or private event? We have a host of interactive games designed to help raise the "fun factor"!

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