Congratulations EVENT SOURCE NW for winning King 5 Evening Magazine's "BEST DJ's" in the wedding catagory for Western Washington! There is a reason we won this, and are building to our success with more MC/DJ teams and creative & refreshing energy! We received over 120 testimonials, which 40 more than our closest competitor.

Event Source NW will provide you & your guests the best wedding experience! Your guests will stay longer & leave saying that it was the most memorable, fun wedding they have ever been to.

After sitting down with one couple in particular, their final words to me were, "I didn't have any idea what you really did and how important it is to the success of our wedding". We do not consider ourselves wedding DJ's, we are Wedding entertainment coordinators, Reception interaction specialists, Fun & Energy catalysts, call it what you wish but what Event Source NW does is much more than DJ! You only have one shot at making this event the one you've always dreamed of & more! If you have a DJ who is inexperienced, inappropriate, and non-interactive, your guests will either leave or have a bad impression on what should be your day to shine.

Believe it or not, what makes your day memorable is not the cake, the flowers, or even the food at your wedding. It's the entertainment & interaction. It's making every guest feel like they are a part of the reception. It's taking time before the reception to build a good foundation. It's about getting to know the Bride, Groom, family, wedding party, then putting your creative stamp on your special day. Besides our philosophy above, these are just a few reasons why you should choose Event Source NW for your special day. REMEMBER, you only have 1 shot!
1) INITIAL CONSULTATION - We do not accept a wedding unless we meet 1st. We talk about your special day and what you dreamed it would look like, we get to know you as individuals and as a couple, and then we all start to create your masterpiece. You also will always meet with your team during the whole process. There will be no question to who will be representing Event Source NW at your wedding!
2) TEAMWORK - We only do weddings as a team, one music specialist & 1 Emcee. We believe that this is the ONLY way to have a successful event. We will not stray from this very important philosophy.
3) EXPERIENCE - 21 Years of experience and always learning & bettering the way we do weddings.
4) WEDDING CERTIFIED - Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC) wedding coordinator certified. We will be able to perform or guide you through your special day if other vendors do not perform their duties.
5) PROACTIVE - All Emcee's are ordained "Just in case"! We would be more than happy to come to the rehearsal and get a copy of the ceremony as a good back up plan.
6) ALL ENCOMPASSING - We provide many packages to add fun, lessen stress, or consolidate vendors, such as Extreme Photo & Video Packages that will capture the "LIFE" of the reception, pre-wedding collage powerpoint building, and much much more! If we can't do it well or don't do it, we will point you the right direction.
We are also your resource for anything you may need for your special day. Why seach Google® or scour the yellow pages if we've already have worked along side the best out there? From Officiants to photographers to Caterers to coordinators, we have worked with the best. Other services we offer include:
Karaoke, Rentals (Projector, Projection Screen, Lapel mic for officient), Dual Equipment Set-up.

LIVE Talent through a reliable partner J & J Music with our talent pool ranging from live ceremony music (Harpist, Pianist, Violinist, Guitarists, and Quartets) to singers, to live bands.
Our Packages include all sound equipment, lights, microphones, & the DJ/EMCEE team and start at $200 per hour depending on your team, options, Set-up, and travel (We will travel throughout the state of Washington & Oregon and southern BC Canada). We are looking forward to be an integral part of your special day!

We will personalize your event to fit your needs, making your wedding day unforgettable! Click here to find out!
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Click here to learn more about our Corporate services. We provide a plethora of options aimed at creating a fun and successful corporate function.
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Looking to spice up your Company party or private event? We have a host of interactive games designed to help raise the "fun factor"!

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